Double Shot PCP Air Shotgun


Double Shot

Double Shot PCP Air Shotgun

Double Shot PCP Air Shotgun

A .50 caliber 1-2 punch!

Able to fire three different types of ammunition, the Double Shot uses a quick-select dial to switch effortlessly between barrels and is compatible with, No. 8 shotshells, .50 caliber ammo, or Air Venturi Air Bolts.  The Double Shot uses a 244cc cylinder to send shots downrange at speeds up to 1,130 fps.  Each Double Shot features an expertly crafted and finely grained hardwood stock with a rubberized buttpad for a comfortable hold and an optional 11mm Dovetail rail for mounting optics.

Shooters can load shotshells into the side-by-side double breach, while Air Bolts and .50 slugs can be shot by removing the choke at the end of each barrel. Each features a 2-stage adjustable trigger, integrated pressure gauge, and 5 consistent shots per fill.  A patent-pending air distributor allows shooters to seamlessly perform a follow-up shot in less than 2 seconds.

Quick-twist air distributor and double-breach






Dual-choked Double-barrel with traditional bead sight

Remove the 244cc cylinder cap to expose Male Quick-Disconnect Foster fill port

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